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Please read: About Ask the IOA Expert forum advice | IOA KB Community

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Please read: About "Ask the IOA Expert" Forum

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  • About the new BETA "Ask the IOA Expert" forum: The purpose of the Ask the "Ask the IOA Expert" forum is to provide informal answers from IOA Architects basic questions about interconnection and the IOA  Knowledge Base.  Information obtained from this web-site, including e-mail responses from IOA Experts should be considered as general educational information. You must never rely solely upon the advice given here. Your individual situation may not fit the generalizations discussed. 

    • A basic question for "Ask the IOA Expert" is one where the answer requires reference to established IOA principles and IOA™ Knowledge Base documentation. A question about troubleshooting your business-specific challenges or regulatory requirements is not considered a basic questions for "Ask an IOA Expert" purposes.  
    • Response times will vary and best effort.
    • Also, please read our Code of Conduct about acceptable forum usage.
    • Refer to the complete Terms & Conditions and Privacy Terms for more details
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