About IOA™ Knowledge Base 

IOA™ Knowledge Base is an open, all-access educational platform for IT professionals looking to take a hands-on approach to learning and implementing Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA). By utilizing and implementing the IOA Knowledge Base Platform and content (including blueprints, design guides and playbooks), you can remove traditional architecture constraints and optimize for connectivity, leveraging ecosystems and placing IT back in control–in the center of an Interconnection Oriented Architecture.  Start using IOA Knowledge Base 

Community (Beta)

This is a community of experts and peers to ask/answer architectural questions and discuss best practices and solutions.  As a beta feature, we welcome your feedback and ideas to create a thriving place for professionals like you.  Check out the IOAKB.com Community (BETA)

We’re friendly folks. Please reach out, post a question or make a comment.  This is a safe place free from inappropriate comments and people trying to sell to you.  See the IOAKB.com Code of Conduct